Axxe (Yamaha Motif XS-XF-Montage-MODX) X0A

Axxe (Yamaha Motif XS)

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Re-engineered for the Motif XS, “AXXE” features 128 guitar voices, 124 arpeggios, and 16 Performances. The XS version of AXXE contains many new voices not found in the ES version. Blazing heavy-metal “stacks”, smoky blues tones, snappy crisp country guitars, vintage pedal effects, and more are all painstakingly detailed and modeled by programmer Dave Polich.

The first 64 voices in AXXE are strummed chord voices – complete four-note strummed chords, which can be triggered with just one finger. These voices feature DCP Productions VariStrum programming technology. Using an assignable knob or MIDI control messages, you can vary the speed of the strum in real time to match your MIDI sequence or audio track! Most of the strum voices in AXXE XS feature two-handed “splits” – the downstroke strummed chord on the left, the “upstroke” strummed chord on the right. This enables you to perform authentic guitar strums, at any tempo, in real time, without the need of an arpeggio.

A wide variety of lead sounds, from modern brutally distorted to vintage warm tube drive to clean and echoed, are included, as well as a selection of rhythm guitar tones with guitar effects such as pickslides and amp noises. A handful of acoustic guitars, a pedal steel guitar, sitars, an E-bow guitar, and eight electric basses round out the collection, making Axxe the ultimate programmed guitar library for your Motif XS.

Xeraser’s notes: XS version of the bank. Sorry MOXF users :( You should be able to convert these presets (no samples used) for use on a MOXF with John Melas’ tools


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