Augmented STRINGS Explained TUTORiAL

Augmented STRINGS Explained TUTORiAL

7 October 2022 | 246 MB

Groove3’s resident Arturia VI guru Tyler Coffin takes you on a sight-and-sounds tour of Augmented STRINGS, the company’s inspired take on a string library that introduces a nearly unlimited range of sonic possibilities. You’ll learn about every aspect of this compelling instrument with these in-depth Arturia Augmented STRINGS video tutorials, spanning over 1.5 hours total. From browsing presets to recreating classic string synth patches and beyond, Tyler gets into the nooks and crannies of this creative tour de force and shares his comprehensive knowledge with you. These videos are for new Augmented STRINGS users.

Tyler begins with a basic overview of the philosophy behind Augmented STRINGS, highlighting some of the salient features that make it so special. You’ll get a good grasp on the plugin’s layout and basic structure, so you’ll be able to easily follow along as the course progresses. Tyler highlights the differences between the Main panel (for quick, intuitive play) and the Advanced panel (for deeper tweaking and creativity), which allow you to choose the workflow that suits you (or your current production) best.

Next, explore the Layers tab and learn the many ways you can blend two different patches to create wholly unique timbres and effects by using the Sample or Synth sound engines for either layer. Discover the Modulation tab, which allows for multiple LFOs, functions, random generators, and much more, all of which add dynamic motion to your sound. Then check out the Arpeggiator tab and see how to create rhythmic interest and complexity by sequencing note data, modulation, and more.

Through the remainder of the course, you’ll learn about many other aspects of the plug, including effects (distortion, compressor, pitch shift delay, phaser, etc.), macros (allowing adjustment of multiple parameters with one knob), preset management and browser (navigation, searching, sorting, etc.), sound design examples (both traditional and experimental), and more!

Augmented STRINGS puts a world of creative string control before you, and this video course will help you harness it quickly and effectively! For more information on each video, check out the individual Augmented STRINGS video descriptions. A whole world of sonic exploration awaits… watch “Arturia Augmented STRINGS Explained®” today!


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