AudioEase Altiverb v6 Impulse Responses COMPLETE Library HYBRiD DVDR

AudioEase Altiverb v6 Impulse Responses COMPLETE Library HYBRiD DVDR
Team: KRock | Date: August 30 2013 | Size: 1,79 GB

This is Complete Altiverb v6 Impulse Responses Library
for both platform MAC and PC.

Library contains 3,23 GB of content in the following sections:

• Cathedrals
• Churches
• Clubs
• Concert Halls Large
• Concert Halls Medium and Auditoriums
• Gear (Plates, Springs eq’s etc)
• Metallic Resonant Spaces
• Omnisound, Nashville
• Operas & Theaters
• Outdoor
• Post Production Ambiences
• Recording Studios
• Recording Studio’s Echo Chambers
• Scoring Stages (Orchestral Studios)
• Small Rooms for Music
• Sound Design
• Stadiums
• Tombs
• Underground

About this release:

Some time ago a person who first shared this library made archive of library together with hidden system files of his MAC. We lost 2 days to delete this trash out of every folder of library (there are 3 333 folders inside this library).
As a result more than 20 000 of trash-files (more than 100 MB) was deleted out of content, LOL. But now we have fully clear complete library.

Please notice this is not double sized content (MAC + PC). This is really Complete Hybrid version. And now we share it with you. Enjoy! :)

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