Audioactive MP3 Production Studio PRO v1.55b-Radium

MP3 Production Studio PRO v1.55b

Radium | 19 May 1999 | Win9x | 2,51 MB

Audioactive Production Studio Pro is a Windows MP3 encoder. It features MP3 encoding preview, resampling options, drag ‘n drop, unlimited batch processing, HQ option, bitrate-size calulator, background encoding with priority selector, output bitrates from 256kbps to 8kbps, ASF streaming formats, output compressed WAV, MP3, shockwave and more.

New in version 1.55
Extended command line interface, Scripting to automate tasks, Supports auto-launching of external programs for automated archiving, emailing, ftping, etc, Command lines now support wildcard expansion, Main window now displays additional info fields, Shockwave and Netshow compatible, output, Playlist file creation, tool menu customization and more.

INFO/ DEMO : n/a

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