Artist Kicks WAV

Artist Kicks WAV

June 5th 2022 | WAV | 684 KB

15 Perfect Kicks Meticulously Recreated
About this Pack
This isn’t just your average kick sample pack. This is a solution to a problem that’s been bugging me for years!

The biggest problem with Kickdrum sample packs is that you often have to go through 50+ samples just to find one or two usable kicks. I created this pack so you could have a small collection of the best kickdrums in the world – improving your workflow and the quality of your music.

No 3rd Party Software Required. Use with any DAW.

What’s so unique about it?

Every single one of these kicks is an identical twin remake of the kicks I found in all my current favourite tracks.

Every single wave cycle was matched to perfection. I then adjusted the attack portion of the kickdrums to taste to improve them even further.

Each sample is labeled with the Hz and note name so you can tune the kick perfectly to your track!


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