Antidote Re Up for Antidote Refill

Antidote Re Up for Antidote Refill

Presets | 3.22 MB

Euphoric, unique, & new…. The Antidote Refill boasts exceedingly high quality patches designed to display the tremendous synthesized power of the Synapse Antidote Synthesizer Rack Extension.

This sound bank has a meticulously designed selection of sounds ranging from new age digital, synthesized leads to futuristic tempo synced gated trap synths, moving pads, stereo imaged bells, and new style edm plucks, mono synths and poly synths.

This refill has over 200 patches of various synth types (Bell Synths, Gated, Keys, Lead Synths, Mono Synths, Pads, Plucked Synths, & Poly Synths) containing a healthy amount of insanely modulated unique synth material. Elaborate modulation, evolving filters, panning, delays, chorus and effects create breathtaking modern synthesis for any genre. The Antidote Re Up Refill will definitely inspire the creativity in any producer or artist!


212 Antidote Synthesizer Re patches
Every patch has unique effects and modulation assigned
1 Arpeggio
14 Bass
11 Bell Synths
4 Fx
59 Gated
2 Keys
66 Lead Synths
2 Pads
18 Mono Synths
8 Plucked Synths
27 Poly Synths

System Requirements:

Synapse Antidote Synthesizer Rack Extension
Propellerhead Reason 6.5 or later


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