Acoustic Piano ELASTIK

Acoustic Piano ELASTIK


Acoustic Piano
Acoustic Piano delivers a beautiful and inspiring collection of jazz-inspired solo acoustic piano performances. Featuring a fabulous acoustic grand piano, the library contains smooth jazz chord sequences combined with delicate lead lines. Acoustic Piano lets you create a cool, sophisticated mood in an instant and brings a classy touch to any project.

Tasteful Melodic Lines
Acoustic Piano contains 2.5GB of samples, with over 350 individual acoustic piano loops organized into 34 performance-based folders. Each folder provides a collection of related phrases in a particular tempo/key combination. Folder tempos span the range of 60 to 90 BPM, ideal for a laid-back feel. Individual phrases vary between 2 and 8 bars (up to 32 seconds long), making it easy to combine phrases within a folder into extended performances with plenty of musical variation. Elastik allows you to adjust both tempo and key with ease to match your overall project.

Jazz-Based Chord Progressions
To add some sonic options, two versions of each of the 34 folders are provided. Both versions feature the same content, but one features a brighter, more brilliant piano tone, while the other offers a mellower felt sound with lots of pedal and key action mechanic noises. These two versions provide different moods but also combine easily to create individual performance dynamics.

Ideal For Downtempo Jazz, Lounge and LoFi
The playing style focuses on jazzy chord progressions with tasteful solo lines on top. The content combines beautifully with other instruments such as drums, bass, guitar, saxophone, trumpet or vocals. Acoustic Piano therefore makes a great complement to our other jazz-influenced downtempo titles, such as Downtempo Guitar, LoFi HipHop Beats, Tenor Saxophone, Electric Piano or Vintage Bass. If your next project requires some downtempo jazz, Acoustic Piano is the perfect choice to inspire something special.

Acoustic piano played by Eike Wulfmeier


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