Acoustic Melodic House Themes WAV MiDi

Acoustic Melodic House Themes WAV MiDi

27 February 2022 | 2.06 GB

Orchestral Samples meet Melodic House / Techno Producers – the result is a highly versatile songstarter pack that will improve the way you make music!
550+ main theme loops expertly recorded by top session musicians in Germany’s best studios and processed by pro electronic producers

About This Pack
All loops in the Acoustic Melodic Techno Themes Pack can serve as the main theme of a track, that you build your custom sound design around. It does not matter if you start with one of the loops or open the pack, because that “special sound or moment” is still missing from your production.

Orchestral Tools and PML teamed up with 5 of their favourite contemporary producers, gave them full access to all available OT sample libraries and let them all create tonal & atonal percussion loops, atmospheres, melodic / harmonic themes and a lot more.

The result is the probably most inspiring pack PML ever released. From beautifully crafted tonal wood loops, to atmo string layers and atonal organic percussions – Acoustic Melodic Techno Themes is loaded with sounds you instantly want to work with!

What You Are Getting:
• 550+ main theme loops
• Endless possibilities to chop up and customise
• 100% royalty free
• You can use this pack with every DAW – no special software required

Tracks Made with this Pack

Tutorial: Ben Böhmer Writing a Track From Scratch
Using the Acoustic Melodic House Themes Pack, you’ll see Ben start new track from a blank project to a fully produced song idea.


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