A.O.M Factory Total Bundle v1.15.1 (AVX2 / Generic [U2B]) macOS-TRAZOR

A.O.M Factory Total Bundle v1.15.1 macOS

TRAZOR | Aug 9 2022 | AVX2: 609.7 MB | Generic: 1.2 GB

Included Plug-Ins:
• Cyclic Panner
• DeSibilizer
• DeSibilizer LL
• Invisible Limiter
• Invisible Limiter G2
• Invisible Limiter G3
• Nu Compressor
• Sakura Dither
• Stereo Imager D
• Tau Compressor Plus
• tranQuilizr
• tranQuilizr G2
• Triple Fader
• Wave Shredder

AVX2 Build vs. Generic Build performance:
Look at this

NOTE: For Apple Silicon or Mac users with processors not supporting AVX2, install Generic Build.


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