01X Channel Module VST v1.0-H2O

01X Channel Module VST v1.0-H2O

H2O | 17 May 2004 | VST | 1,34 MB

The 01X Channel Module is a VST/Audio Units software plug-in version of a single 01X channel strip, giving you the ability to control and manage all mixer parameters, including EQ, dynamics, phase, attenuation and more from an intuitive graphical interface on your computer screen.

Channel Module seamlessly integrates with Studio Manager for 01X software, allowing you to call up complete mixer setups stored in the Studio Manager Scene library, and send them directly to the 01X. In this way, the 01X Channel Module can also function as a link between the 01X and your DAW sequencing software. What’s more, when recording, you can monitor the input source with EQ and dynamics while recording only the dry signal. Channel Module gives you the flexibility to fine-tune your song with effects during mixdown.

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